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What I Do

For more than a decade, I have been helping small and mid-size businesses solve their QuickBooks and
accounting challenges by providing  QuickBooks training and support services
or for the non DIY types a
complete bookkeeping service is also available
.  Whether you need just a few minutes to help straighten out
an error or if you are brand new to the world of business and need a little more help setting up a file and
getting started on the right foot I can help!

QuickBooks Training

  • Hands-on classes
  • Remote support
  • On-site training / consulting

Choose whichever method is right for you.  Not sure what will be the best fit?   Call or email me today and I'll
be more than happy to help you select the best choice.  Either way, you'll have the QuickBooks knowledge
you need to be able to manage your business, your finances, and your life!  

Bookkeeping Services

In addition to QuickBooks training services, I provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly bookkeeping services for
businesses that "just don't want to do it themselves."  Call or email me today to discuss what services you
need...invoices, paying bills, sales tax, payroll, bank reconciliations, cash receipts/deposits, and more.  

If you waited all year and need to get it all caught up, no need to panic, I can handle that too!

Coming soon, you will have access to my calendar and the ability to schedule your own appointments, in the

Call Me Today!

Please contact me anytime!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone:  412-848-3164

Email:  Susan@myquickbooksaccountant.com

Some examples of areas that I've helped clients overcome include:

  • Inventory or cost of goods sold problems
  • Bank reconciliation discrepancies
  • List clean up for customers, vendors, items or accounts
  • Balance Sheet Accounts Reconciliations and clean up
  • Profit and Loss discrepancies
  • Sales Tax issues
  • Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable clean up
  • Job Costing Setup
  • Integration of QuickBooks Add-on Products and Services
  • Upgrade Consultations
  • Online Banking Setup
  • Data Import / Export
  • Data Integrity Issues / Backup & Restore
  • QuickBooks Merchant Account Setup

QuickBooks Certifications

I invest over 120 hours annually to update and maintain my certifications,so that I am able to provide the
best possible solutions for you!  See a detailed list of my certifications on the
About me page.

  • ProAdvisor (2006 - 2016)

  • Advanced Certified ProAdvisor (2008 - 2016)

  • POS ProAdvisor Certification (2007 - 2016)

  • Enterprise Solution Provider (2007 - 2016)

  • Intuit Solution Provider (2008 - 2016)

  • Affiliate - product sales / discounts (2006 - 2016)

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